Our Products
Transcode from Convexus
Many organisations use voice loggers to record all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations. Typical examples include contact centers, control rooms, emergency services and financial institutions. With regulators now mandating that call recordings be retained for specific periods of time the access to the historic calls is vital.
Organizations traditionally have their call recordings stored on proprietary voice loggers with hard drive disks and tape or DVD based backups. When migrating to new recording systems customers have been compelled to maintain the legacy voice recorder systems to allow ongoing playbacks to be performed. This is typically a very expensive option as the customer is paying ongoing support contracts for the legacy voice recording systems. It also does not provide a true safe guard as the voice recorder hardware is quite often end of life.
The Convexus Transcode solution converts the call and associated meta-data into an open source format (.wav) that can either be played directly from a PC with an industry standard media player or can be imported into new voice recording systems. Either way, Convexus can help.
Utilising the power of its Transcode solution, Convexus can provide the ability to automate the bulk retrieval of call recordings. We work with proprietary legacy recordings from all mainstream voice recorder suppliers (Nice, Verint, Eyretel and others), and extract raw audio and indexing metadata from proprietary recording formats.
  • Extracts all calls and meta data from proprietary tapes and disks
  • Indexes all calls and reports on the conversion process
  • Calls are provided to the customer in a spreadsheet that includes the relevant meta-data
  • After extraction all calls are delivered in open source standard (.wav) that can be played from a PC with an industry standard media player
  • Conversion projects can be undertaken either on the customer’s premises or in our Sydney labs
Convexus can significantly decrease the cost of the bulk extraction and conversion from proprietary tapes and disks by automating the process. This dramatically reduces the project timeframe and eliminates manual errors.
Message Announcement Server
Used by organisations that voice record their telephone calls and require notifications to be played on inbound and outbound calls (eg: “YOUR CALL IS BEING RECORDED”).
Phone call handling procedures can sometimes require either called or calling parties to be provided with information that is either repetitive in nature, or needs to be repeated during a call. The Message Announcement Server alleviates the need for staff to repeatedly say or manually play announcement messages, by playing a pre-recorded messages on all calls regardless of them being incoming or outgoing.
  • Provides regulatory compliance under all circumstances
  • Enables announcement messages to be played either at call establishment or repeatedly during a call at predefined intervals
  • Connects ‘in series’ with existing telecommunications equipment
  • Flexible filtering system can be used to define particular internal extensions and /or external phone numbers as either always or never receiving the announcement messages.
  • Easy to install and configure