Our Services
We provide businesses, large or small, with a very wide range of information technology services, from hardware, software and telecommunications services procurement to web hosting and security IT services in Australia.
Maintenance Services
Our maintenance services are an insurance policy for your technology. This allows you to have peace of mind that if your equipment breaks or is faulty, we will make sure you have a replacement straight away.
Site Services
Our engineers are experienced in supporting sites with TDM voice technologies, IP voice technologies and IP data technologies. We patch, we configure and we test. Our engineers can become part of your team for any extended time required to complete your projects. Our stores staff can come and help you for a day or two or for a longer period of time. Just call us and ask for a quote.
Hardware Maintenance
When there is an issue with your hardware, you need a replacement. And you need it fast. Every minute you lose due to faulty hardware could cost your organisation productivity and down-time. Delivered at a fixed cost and in compliance with priority service level agreements designed to keep you operational, these hardware maintenance services act as an insurance policy for your infrastructure. Maintenance contracts are customised to suit each customer’s requirements.
Deployment and Project Management
EfmTel end-to-end solutions draw components from the best in the market, including: Regardless of project size and complexity, co-ordinating engineers, suppliers, resources, calendars and technology takes a lot of time and energy. Convexus offers comprehensive project deployment services. That means that we take control of the entire deployment process. We know that there is no such thing as a cookie- cutter deployment. Each project has its own challenges and issues. Through meticulous attention to detail in planning and documenting each and every step, we stay proactive and are able to adjust to any situation as necessary. All projects are managed according to best-practice project processes. We understand timeframes and requirements so that we can precisely organise our team, your team and the appropriate vendors to ensure that everything happens smoothly with as little effort on your part as possible.
Software, hardware and telecommunications services procurement
We offer simple procurement services to remove short term contractual burden on your organisation combined with the benefit of a wide partner network based on our strong partnerships.
Field Services
Our teams of field service support in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania can assist you with:
  • Structured cabling, from Category 5 enhanced through to Cat-7A, plus singlemode and multimode optical fibre cabling.
  • Certification of Convexus installed systems.
  • Network devices, switches, routers.
  • Telephone systems (including IP telephony).
  • Wireless systems.
  • MATV & SMATV entertainment systems.
  • Public address.
  • Energy management and environmental systems.